Pearls Of Wisdom Podcast

POW Podcast Episode 3 - Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy with Triona Sheeran 

June 30 - 7:30pm AEST

Come and join us for a truly exciting and insightful episode. I will be joined by a truly beautiful soul whose resilience, optimism and positivity are nothing but inspirational. Triona Sheeran is a fully qualified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist and will be joining us live from Dublin, Ireland. 

We will be exploring the benefits of hypnotherapy and more specifically how it can help us to explore and understand and access our past lives. It is sure to be nothing except informative and full of insights. 

If you have have had any interesting in past lives then this is one episode you do not want to miss. For all Pearls of Wisdom (POW) members, you will receive a bonus session with Triona where she will guide us through a group session. Want to become a POW member and join in then click here.

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