Searching Spirit

My book ‘Searching Spirit’ is out now! A lifetime in the making and a year to write. So what’s it about I hear you say? Well here’s an excerpt taken from the back of the book blurb …
“Peter Williams has always had a searching spirit. He had a growing awareness of something else out there, another layer beyond his understanding; he had to know more. As a teenager, he turned to the Internet seeking answers to other worldly questions. That’s where his search began and he had his first connections with spirit, a connection that set Williams on a path of learning as an attentive student of spirit.
In Searching Spirit, Williams chronicles his life story, telling how many years later, while pursuing his teaching ambitions in Japan, a cataclysmic event shook the foundations of his world to reveal the true nature of the lessons he’d been studying. He and his wife, who is heavily pregnant with their first child, are forced to make the difficult decision to leave their home behind and return to the safety of Australia. It’s here born out of those dark days of upheaval, that Williams’ true purpose is revealed.”

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