Mini Reading October 2019

As things are really about to shift into gear for 2020 I thought this was an appropriate time for some quick insights for you all. Remember that these are generic and for everyone and are not detailed to each specific person. Hope you find them helpful.



Jumping to the point, this card indicates a greater level of success coming in your life. This success is not from a simple stroke of luck or one that comes over night. The rewards that are coming to you are based from some hard, purposeful and methodical work. By choosing this card you are well on your way to achieving some hard-earned goals and experiences and life skills you are learning at this moment are ones that will you will use and have purpose to you in the future.

On a smaller scale you may find that you have contracts around you, but these will be ones that have a monetary, work or career focus to them eg. A new job or position maybe on offer or perhaps you are getting the deal you want on the house of car. Study connected to your career or advancement can also be implied by this card. Even though these should still be very positive in nature it still doesn’t hurt to be mindful with contracts so make sure you check the details.


Is this the card you chose? If it is, hang on to your hat! Things around you and possibly your own energy is about to hit overdrive. Energy on the whole for you is on the up and with this comes a great chance to get things done so capitalize on energy. It is a lot of energy and a lot of action. You might simply find that you are getting to all those little tasks that you have been putting off or you have found a new courage to face the bigger challenges that once faced will take you to a new level. You may also find your social life and calendar becoming a little fuller. Travel is a big topic if you have chosen this card so don’t be surprised if you are checking the latest holiday or flight deals.

It is a really great energy to have, but there is only one little downside – you might fin that your brain will function faster than the rest of you and for that reason you might be busy but not necessarily productive. Remember there is a difference.


If you found yourself being drawn towards this card it is certainly not by coincidence. You may also find that when you chose this card you might question yourself as to why when there are some really nice cards around it. This card, as much as it is a little dauting is one that asks you to look deep and hard at yourself and your life circumstances. You will find that you are having the sense of being trapped. Trapped in a relationship, career, work, health or financial situation. Perhaps it’s a combination of a few of them. Whatever the situation, you will be feeling as though right now your actions and thinking are more to please others than yourself and this will only further mount the frustrations you are feeling. What this card is asking you to do is acknowledge the bind you are in and move out of it.

Easier said than done right? That maybe true, but the real strength of this card is that it is you and your own intuition is telling you that you have to recognise the issues, but that you also have the strength to do something about them. Just by changing one thing will certainly change what is happening in and around you so don’t put off that change any longer. You have got this.


Not going to lie to you on this one……there is a strong feeling of unhappiness around you at the moment. Most of you will find this is connected to the people and relationships around you. Whether you feel like someone has let you down or avoiding you, these are feelings you can longer ignore. They are coming to the surface to assist in facing them and usually the card shows you may need to walk away from something or someone with whom you are emotional invested in. This may seem scary and sad, but sometimes only by letting go of something do we make room for the better things in our life. In this case it usually refers to happiness.


These card from the Legacy of Divine Tarot deck

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