Mini Reading Aug 2019

The energy is really on the move at the moment I am writing this which is August 2019. That is why I thought it might be nice to see where you are all at with yourself and how you are handling the energy at the moment.

In case you missed the little thread on Facebook and have only found the link here on my website do not despair as you can still do this quick, yet insightful exercise. Simply look at the four cards in the main picture above. When viewing them make sure you pick the one the really grabs you. That’s not necessarily the one you like, but the one that grabs you. You may even find the one that grabs you might be because it makes you fee a little uneasy. To help you have an accurate insight it is important to listen and trust yourself with this decision. After all, if not the only person you are fooling is yourself!

Noe that you have got your particular card or cards chosen (yes you might have been drawn to more than one and that is okay), it’s time to get down to business.



This choice is all about you emotional self and relationships including the one with yourself! You are at a time where options are plentiful and your overall mood optimistic. You may also find yourself in position where you can struggle a little bit with the choices you do have. Whilst overall the meaning and energy here is positive you may need watch the overwhelm and the thought of making ‘the right or wrong’ decision. Rest assured that whatever decision you make will be for the positive and will help propel you forward for the better. The other options you think you may not be taking are not being left behind, but are just being placed on hold until you have time and energy to focus on them.

Another important aspect of the energy surrounding this card is the need to communicate. Do not let yourself over analyze the options too much otherwise you will not get anything done at all. Talk to your support circle and encourage their input and that way whatever path you decided to take you know that you have them their and that you are all on the same page.



I tend to find most people who are drawn to this one are a little uncomfortable. I suppose you can understand why as the guy coming through the window is a little creepy and suspicious doesn’t he?

Despite having some reservation about liking this card and most people not wanting it to be your main choice it’s message is powerful and poignant. It relates to a strong feeling over a situation involving other people around you where you need to be very careful about how you move forward and act. It comes down to the individuals mental state and thinking processes and these need to be listened to and taken more seriously than you might at normal times.

Situations can be related to almost any area of your life, be it partners, family, friends,work or even dealing with outer circles like doctors and lawyers. You may even find having to balance more than one of these areas at this point in time. It is important how you deal with these situations as they are going to directly influence the energy and actions taken for the next few months ahead! Now that’s important to remember.

Don’t rush decisions at this time. Keep your emotions in check and try your best to not over react or deal with things head-on. If you do not then you may find yourself in some hot water later on or felling more stressed. Hence step back, observe and then act.



You have to love the feel of the earth in the picture and opportunity in this picture. What you can see here is that there are coins in the tree yeah? Awesome right? Of course great go and grab them! But wait……did you see the what else is there? In front of the picture is the wheat and it is also in abundance and ready for harvest. However, there are no coins there. The other important part here is notice the lady has an empty basket? Hmmm….interesting isn’t it?

The whole message here is that you have choices in front of you in regards to money, work, finances and business. Seeing this picture and being drawn to it is letting you now know that there are other opportunities and chances in front of you and they may present them in ways that you least expect and in ways where the outcome is not necessarily guaranteed. This is the trade-off. You have the coins in the tree which is the money and income you can see versus the wheat in the front. The wheat represents the new way of doing business or finding revenue, but it we just do not know how much.

You may find yourself looking to change jobs, careers, investing in something or perhaps looking to start a new business. Whichever one it maybe there are new options for you and it is up to you decided which way you wish to go about it. If you struggle with this choices then I encourage you to look at it this way – are you happy with way things are now? A simply yes or no is the answer. If no then why not have a go because otherwise you are still going to be unhappy moving forward and I say life too short to waste being stuck and unhappy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just tell us the way and whether or not its going to successful? Sure, but hey we know life doesn’t work like that.



This one is the last one and it is also quite powerful in its meaning. This is why I will stick with its meaning as to ensure if you chose this one you can really hear your message.

“The time is now! You have worked hard to get to this point and you have managed to create your windows of opportunity. There is plenty of work to be done and this will be scary as you look toward the mountain ahead. It is at this time you need to remember the mountain can be conquered, but not before conquering yourself.”

If you chose this card I encourage you to read that one again. The time and energy you have invested is now starting to pay off, but you may be running out of steam or you may have lost motivation because you can see the size of the task ahead of you. It is all about your commitment to your path and directions you are taking now and these will be in the areas that give you meaning, purpose and passion.


Now that you know hopefully it has helped you to get some perspective. Make sure you let me know how you go with it all but commenting on Facebook and Instagram.

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