March Madness, Moods & Motivation

I don’t know about you, but I have been finding the past few weeks somewhat torturous. Okay let’s call it for what it is… an absolute headf**k!


I consider myself to be a pretty upbeat and positive kind of guy, but that guy has gone on holiday. If you know where he is, be sure to let me know as I will go and join him.


The guy I have been left with is one who seems to question almost every move I want to make. One day I can see the goal posts and I am convinced this new direction is the right one. Only to wake up the next day to find those goal posts have moved. Seriously like WTF??? This personally has been happening for a while, but over the past week, and particularly now we’re moving into March, it has intensified. I was hoping for it to settle, but alas that is not the case. Also, I don’t want to kick you all while you are down, but this month is definitely coming with its own set of challenges and it is here to test you! Sigh away, but they say forewarned is for forearmed.


The focus of February had its freedoms and liberties, but now it is time to lock down your thinking and direction. Like I said, be prepared to be tested. Do not be surprised if your moods fluctuate, your motivation goes out the window at times or you feel you want to stop or even give up on the dream or pursuit.


Sound familiar? Believe me – I am right there with you! There is not much we can do about it, but it might help you know that we are in a 3 year (universal energy) and March is the 3rd month. The 3 in these terms is about expression and creativity and will assist to manifest our desires. Sounds great right? Of course, who would not want to manifest their desires? But March is here now and it’s testing our strength and commitment to these desires. There is not much more you can do here through this time except persevere and take it one day at a time. Simply put, you do what YOU must to keep going.


  •  Watch your mental space – meditate, walks on the beach, time off tech might help here.
  • Hold your space – be mindful of how you are feeling. When you are interacting with other people you might find you are irritable and easily annoyed. Avoid these situations if you feel the need to.
  •  You are not lazy or lost – you are just being challenged and tested. If you need a small break then take it, but you will also have to push when you need to. Communication about your feelings will be paramount at this time.
  • Recite your goals – have a clear picture and look at these goals regularly as they may be your guiding light through this time.
  • Do not be hard on yourself – watch the self-talk. It will have a bigger impact on you than you think.


Hang in there because you will see your perseverance start to pay off in a few short weeks. If you are finding you are cruising at the moment, that is awesome. Perhaps you could share what you are doing to get through this?

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