Intuition Test

Time to test your intuition!!

Which one are you drawn too? Remember it’s not always the one you like or want!! Which one are you drawn to?

Coins, wands, swords or water? And if you really like say what attracts you about the picture. Colour, animals etc

This is a great little test to see where you are really at and what area of your life you are or should be focusing on. Now that you have followed the little prompts above (well you should have) then lets have a look at what it all means.

The cards have been purposely turned up this way so you can see the colours and the feeling of each card. You may also notice that all the cards are the same number, the Ace. Again purposely chosen. The Ace represents the beginning of the journey and this means regardless of which one you have chosen you will know that it represents the start and what area you should be working on. Now lets look at the individual aspects of the cards and remember its also just a little bit of fun!

Ace of Coins – By choosing this card you may find that career, work, finances and business will be a focal point for you at present whether you want it to be or not). This Earth ruled card talks about all things materialistic. The energy in this card is very grounding and shows a lot of great promise in whatever you wanting to get started or build on. A very important thing to keep in the back of your mind is, that even with this great energy helping you get things moving and set things up, it reminds us about time. All good things will take time to flourish so by looking at this card don’t expect quick changes, just expect them to have the best possibly chance of having success to get of the ground and implement. A great key word to keep in your mind is ‘investment’. This card calls for you to invest something of value! It could be time, money, energy or anything else that is required to help. It is time to really weigh up and ask what it being asked of you to invest in order to get you to the next level for you cannot grow an oak tree without the acorn being planted first!


Ace of Wands – As you can see this card connects strongly with the fire element. Fire is the representation of energy, drive, motivation, inspiration, ideas and creativity. If this is the card that you have chosen you may find that you are brimming with ideas and are wanting to get a new project off the ground. This can a simple thing like getting a start on the home renovation, a garden makeover, but it can also show you the opening and opportunities within business whether you are starting a whole new one or wanting to change an existing one up. The important thing here is that you are being given the energy, drive and push so its a great time to harness this energy. This is another important time to put alert levels up as great opportunities are also ever present. You could catch a lucky break, a new partnership or something of the like. On a more introspective level you may find a calling to write, journal, create songs or pick up the paint brush. Even though these last few things may not seem as great the the others, but do not be fooled as all these are food for the soul and in turn help bring our lives into balance and there is nothing wrong with that! If you are finding you are not quite there yet with any of the above then this is your intuition’s way of asking you to look at this area of your life and bring it into focus.


Ace of Swords – Represents the element of Air and rules the mind, logic and inspiration. A connection to this card can bring in some really radical ideas. Whilst the wands also help with this they are more found through connection to self and emotion. The swords on the other hand bring in the power of the mind and especially that of the ‘divine’. Meaning you may get some long overdue inspiration about things that can really get you moving! Another great connection to this card is ‘clarity of mind’ so if you have been feeling like you are in fog then some welcomed clarity may come or on the flip side it could be your soul’s way of asking you to seek out mind clearing activities as you are possibly being distracted and bogged down by too much at this point. In case this card is calling you for mental and logical freedom and asks you to look after your mental health and space.


Ace of Cups – If you already have not guessed it the cup is the holder of the water. Water is the ruler of the emotions, subconscious, spiritual, love and relationships. Connecting with this card brings in new energy and focus for these areas of your life. On the very positive note it will bring new people into your life that you will connect rather deep with. This is great because new people bring new experiences , new knowledge and new perspectives which it would appear you are asking for right now. This could be on a platonic level or even a romantic one, but hey I will let you you figure that one out! Some may find this card a little disruptive as it will bring old wounds and emotions to the surface as well. If you are finding this the case then do not despair as in this instance even though it may not be what you are wanting right now, your soul is telling it is a matter of importance. Due to the level of importance around this you will also find a different way of dealing with an emotional situation that you previously have had trouble with. This in itself presents a very powerful chance for healing so don’t let it slip by! On another great note you may find your spiritual side, abilities or learning in this field be catapulted ahead in a big way. Hang on to your hat Toto because you are not in Kansas anymore!!

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