Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!


Imagine….you are driving to your destination. You look down at your fuel gauge and you see it just dropping below half a tank. You know that you only have 200-250kms left to go and from experience you know that your car can make this sort of distance with what you have left. Albeit very close! Perhaps it’s a little too close to call because it has made you stop and think about it in the first place. You are left with a decision to make and there are a few choices

Which one would choose?
  1. Stop right now to top and play it safe
  2. Keep going hoping that there is another petrol station along the way (but you don’t know if there is)
  3. Run the gauntlet and push on without stopping to top up

Now granted some the more analytical people reading this might be saying, “What about traffic? What are the weather conditions? How many people in the car? What type of car is it? I need to know as these are all important factors!”

Now don’t get your panties in a knot or hyperventilate about making an incorrect decision over it for in this scenario you are lucky because there is no right or wrong. You see when you think about it option 1 is playing it safe and making sure you can get to your destination. Option 2 is taking a slightly larger risk as you don’t know whether you are going to make it or possibly just end up on the side of the road stuck. Option 3 is the big risk, but what is interesting here is that you know its going to be close, but realistically whether you make or not will depend on how you drive. For example, if you hit the cruise control and roll down the highway at 100kph your fuel economy will be better, and you know that you can stretch what you have a little further. But if you end up having to start and stop or speed up and slow down a lot you will burn through the fuel faster and you may just fall short of your destination.

The reason I have given you this scenario is because when it comes to psychic readings, the information given is relevant at the time of the reading itself. Have you ever had a reading where the timing of the reading might have been off? Perhaps the whole direction might not sound right? Hey, I know the even in some of the readings I have given these things might happen, but my point is that when you have a psychic reading or you are after certain answers, the information the reader passes on acts only as a guide and is not gospel. The reader is the navigator and you are the driver. Readers are in the car with you and they see what you are looking at and what you are possibly looking to do based on that point in time and what is said are only suggestions or possibilities. After all, you are still the one with the hands on the wheel and your foot on the accelerator so ultimately it’s how you drive that will determine the outcome for how and when you will reach your destination. Think about how many times has Siri or the lovely voice on the phone had to re-route you because you changed the plan on the go?

I have always liked to think that we do have certain things planned for us in this life and I call them Destiny points or check points if you will, but how we get there is up to us. That ladies and gentlemen is freewill. It is a gift so remember to use it.


So next time if you have a reading and the reader points out to be careful because you might end up on the side of the road without any fuel……all they are doing is asking you look at how you are driving and that you always have the chance to change.

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