The Boy in the Spirit World

“I have never heard of you. This video just popped up on my wall and I just joined in. Then when I heard what you said, I just knew!”

                                                                    The lovely little boy, Kyrren.

These were the words of  Amanda Chaplin. Spirit really do have their way of weaving their magic and it never ceases to amaze and Last night’s Facebook Live feed (Aug 7) was no exception.

When channeling through Spirit it can be a hard task at the best of times and doing it on Facebook presents its own unnique challenges which we faced during the session. Last night after giving everyone the formal introduction of how it works a little boy stepped straight into my sights.

He gave me an ‘R’ like Riley very strong. He let me know that he was about the age of 8, but had passed around the age of 5. He repeated this a couple of times which is always an indicator that the information presented is important. He showed himself with short brown hair and as having a few freckles. I heard the world ‘bumblebee’ very strongly, but he was quick to tell me, ‘No not the animal. The Transformer!” He made aware of the month of January and the date/number of the 30th. This boy continued on to show me that they way he passed was due to breathing difficulties. He reiterated this as he showed himself with deep blue lips and blue face and told me that there was nothing could be done. It almost had a feeling of drowning around it, simply because he stopped breathing.  The other bits of information that he wanted to relay was a female ‘J’ name like a Jessica who was sister or cousin, 3 roses representing his family and about a dog which felt like a Labrador or retriever.

The boy didn’t want to go on much more with other information. Where this job becomes a little tough is when I have people having enough courage to call in and talk to me about their loved ones and only for me to have to break the sad news the the Spirit I have with me is not for them. It is hard to say and I would love to connect everyone, but I must honour Spirit and do my best to find the right person they are wanting to connect to. On this particular night I had to break this sad news to two lovely other people, but if there is one thing I won’t do is change the information to fit the situation. That is a big no no in my book. It was hard though as the information didn’t quite click with the people speaking up. I have a big thing about children in the Spirit and when they come through I stick it out. However, in this instance I was at a loss. Then suddenly the comments went berserk with everyone telling me that Amanda Chaplin might be the person. As soon as we got the incling Amanda was asked to her to call in.

While doing her best not get emotional, she simply said, “He is my son.” Amanda went through the information validating it to verify it was indeed her son, Kyrren. He passed at the age of 5 from a severe asthma attack and he had been gone now for 8 years. He loved the dog which was a German Shepard and his favourite movie was Transformers. He was laid to rest in January and had short brown hair. Once the connection was made Kyrren was bringing through other information. He wanted to his mum to acknowledge the tree of life pendant and as well a gift that she had received after his passing but him being being a part of it. There were also a connection with the month of April and the 15th.

Now it can very full on and very taxing on one’s brain when being asked to validate all these things, but after having the time to watch the video again and listen to the information Amanda wrote to me and explained that the gift was an aboriginal flag with face in the middle as the sun that she was given on her 30th birthday which Kyrren sadly passed just before then, but was still able to be included. The April was when Kyrren’s uncle Robert has passed and now they are together on the other side. Kyrren’s sister, Joanne (who is 15), is the one with the tree of life necklace and they were apparently like twins. He was simply wanting to acknowledge her and possibly wanted to chat about her boyfriend as his name just happens to be Riley. Amanda also informed me that she has the tattoo of roses on her which represent her children. Needless to say he was a talkative little boy with a big heart that made a special effort to connect with his Mum.

Again thank you to Amanda for calling in as it’s never easy. Thank you to everyone for being patient with me whilst we sorted out who Kyrren wanted to talk to. He was just busy waiting for her to jump online so thank you to everyone who shared the video as imade this connection possible. If you wish to see the connection of Amanda with her son Kyrren. you can see the video here and you can just jump to the 53min mark. And remember if you are open enough you can see and feel the magic of Spirit!

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