Dinner Events with PWM – Gold Coast

Have you got a small group friends? Are you looking for a night out with a twist? Then perhaps you might want to consider having a dinner event with Peter. These nights not only provide … Read More

Sessions with Family & Friends

Losing a loved one is a hard thing to come to terms with and sometimes if a person is open to it they may wish to consult a medium to reconnect with them in the … Read More

Cloning Karma

Would you clone your pet given the chance? It was normal Saturday afternoon and I was driving into the clinic in which I work. Just as I arrived at my destination there was this short … Read More

Insights from Readings- Self-Permission

I cannot contain the drive to write about certain things at the moment and it appears that I have started a new sub section in my blog titled ‘Reading Insights’. The idea behind this, is … Read More

The Soul & The Child

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of reading for a client who was very open to whatever or to whoever came through in her personal session with me. It surprised both of us when the … Read More

A Soul’s Transition

“How long after someone has passed before you can communicate with them?” This is one question that I have been asked a lot recently and is a very common one when you work in this … Read More

Peter Williams, In the Media!

Late last month, I was fortunate enough to be interviewed as the featured medium in the first issue of the new spiritual magazine ‘Spirit Talk’. The magazine itself is available online and I must say … Read More

Welcome to the New Site

Hey everyone. Thank you for taking time out to come over and check out my new site. Got to love right!!! It is all thanks to the lovely Heidi from Cheddar Media. As you can … Read More