Mini Reading Aug 2019

The energy is really on the move at the moment I am writing this which is August 2019. That is why I thought it might be nice to see where you are all at with … Read More


It’s finally here! My book ‘Searching Spirit’ is out now! A lifetime in the making and a year to write. Boy I can’t tell you how good it felt to finally hold a preview copy … Read More


Nowadays we hear a lot about empowerment – whether it’s empowering genders, empowering employees in the workplace or empowering communities – but what does ‘empowerment’ really mean? Well if you look in the dictionary or … Read More

March Madness, Moods & Motivation

I don’t know about you, but I have been finding the past few weeks somewhat torturous. Okay let’s call it for what it is… an absolute headf**k!   I consider myself to be a pretty … Read More

Now is the time …

I saw a funny meme the other day that read, “My New Year starts in February because I was still dealing with some 2018 stuff …”   It made me laugh because I thought “yeah … Read More

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

  Imagine….you are driving to your destination. You look down at your fuel gauge and you see it just dropping below half a tank. You know that you only have 200-250kms left to go and … Read More

Intuition Test

Time to test your intuition!! Which one are you drawn too? Remember it’s not always the one you like or want!! Which one are you drawn to? Coins, wands, swords or water? And if you … Read More

The Boy in the Spirit World

“I have never heard of you. This video just popped up on my wall and I just joined in. Then when I heard what you said, I just knew!”                                                                     The lovely little boy, Kyrren. … Read More

Dinner Events with PWM – Ipswich

Have you got a small group friends? Are you looking for a night out with a twist? Then perhaps you might want to consider having a dinner event with Peter. These nights not only provide … Read More