It is my gift as a psychic medium to be able to share my abilities with you. I am able to bridge the gap between the world of Spirit and the world of the living. I connect with your passed loved ones and your guides to deliver the messages they have and help answer your questions. With these abilities, and with the help of Spirit I can directly access the information that is important to you here and now regardless what the topic is.


Peter Williams has always had a searching spirit. He had a growing awareness of something else out there, another layer beyond his understanding; he had to know more. As a teenager, he turned to the Internet seeking answers to other worldly questions. That is where his search began, and he had his first connection with spirit, a connection that set Williams on a path of learning as an attentive student of spirit. The book is out now. Click on the link to find out more and join the journey with Peter Williams.


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Peter Williams is a refreshingly modern, down-to-earth psychic medium who brings a relatable sense of humour to his events.
… a breath of fresh air for his audiences who all (secretly, or not so secretly) hope for a connection to their loved one in Spirit. Be prepared for an evening of laughter, tears and life-affirming connections - every message delivered with Peter’s heartfelt respect and compassion.

“There is a naturalness, humbleness about Peter that really stands out. I loved his 'jokester' like nature and strong ability to bring through your loved one's personalities. Don't hold back, you will love Peter's natural, humble, jokey personality, his honesty, pure heart and the way he brings your loved one’s messages through”
Shannon Blasche, (NSW) Australia

Even if don’t receive your own connection with Spirit, Peter’s life anecdotes throughout the evening will uplift and inspire even the heaviest heart.

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I am a psychic medium whose abilities allow me to access information about my clients, about their past, present and/or future.
This is my work and I love what I do. For this reason, I make it my job to ensure that by the time you have finished a session with me that you leave with a clear head, positive attitude and feeling uplifted.

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Don’t take our word for how amazing Peter Williams is – read what our wonderful customers and attendees are saying below!

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“Over the years Spirit has taught me a lot. And I mean A LOT. I thought wouldn’t it be great to share some of those ‘pearls of wisdom’? Things I have learned through my work with Spirit and some of the lessons I have learned in life and boy, there have been some big lessons.

Wouldn’t it be great if these learnings could help others? Wouldn’t sharing these deeper insights be a great way to connect with others – a great way to connect with ourselves?”

When you join the Pearls of Wisdom Membership Program, you’ll become part of a highly interactive, online community alongside Peter. Here he shares all he has learned and continues to learn through his work with Spirit.

“This is where all the action takes place. It’s a safe space where like-minded people come together, share, learn, support and empower each other on this journey called life. I look forward to seeing you there.”


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