Insights from Readings- Self-Permission

I cannot contain the drive to write about certain things at the moment and it appears that I have started a new sub section in my blog titled ‘Reading Insights’. The idea behind this, is that I will share some of the messages that I channel through for my clients which I believe can be applied to many of our lives. I do hope that you enjoy the new section and you can look for them in the tab. This first one is about self-permission.

It was only last Tuesday that I had the privileged of reading for my regular client Fi once again (name changed for privacy reasons). I met her a couple of years ago when she heard about me through a friend, not unlike many of my clients. At the time she was very bright, bubbly and full of motivation. Fi had recently moved up from Victoria and brought her cosmetic business with her looking for greener pastures. Sensing her entrepreneurial side I instantly took a liking to her. For those who do not know I have a soft spot for people with business. Fi was struggling with settling in and getting herself established. Her reading at the time was positive enough even though I recall she was not happy with the mention of a possible move to Brisbane.

Jumping ahead to the present, Fi had indeed done a small 7 month stint in Brisbane, but found herself back her on the coast. There was an immediate noticeable difference in her energy – she was calm and relatively still aside from the few questions she had in her head. The energy was so different and strong that we skipped the usual briefing which everyone gets. I knew Fi would not have minded as she knew how it worked anyway. The first thing to come through was about her business. Surprise, surprise! There was this very strong feeling about cutting back and re-focusing which included selling some things off. Fi laughed and proceeded to confirm that she had done so and that it was only the day before she sold some of her beauty equipment. The great thing about this was the confirmation for her I could give that it was the right decision for her to do. You should have seen how relieved she was once I told her. Not long after that Spirit were telling me to ‘cut her out’. Sounds pretty strange right? Well even for me it was, but then the message was coming through stronger and I started to trace her body outline with my index fingers in the air. After repeating the message a few times it became clear that the message was about ‘cutting out’ the things in her life she did not need. In essence streamlining her life. Most of these, in Fi’s case, were related to her business. Once again at hearing the message Fi let out a sigh of relief and explained that she had decided to cut back heavily on the business. No more chasing down clients, no more mobile service to get to clients. Eliminating 80% of the products and services that made up her business. Fi decided that she needed more time and get back to the things that made her happy and gave her more time.

One might ask, what is the problem with this? The answer is nothing! It is great thing. However, so many of us know what the answer to our problems are, it is just that we do not ‘allow’ ourselves or give ourselves ‘permission’ to act on them. Fi’s case is indeed a very common one. One which even I have suffered from. In Fi’s case, she had worked for quite a number of years to establish her business, support herself and others. It is one of the best feelings to be able to create or run a business that is your own and do it successfully in such a way that you can create independence and support yourself. The downside is though that there comes a time when life wants us to take a turn. A turn where unfortunately we cannot see around the corner. Probably not a bad thing otherwise I might be out of a job! All jokes aside, when this time comes we have trouble telling ourselves that is okay to let go or wind back that which we have spent copious amounts of time, energy and money on. It is really hard and our logical brain tells us that it would be stupid and a waste. But if we take a step back and search deep within ourselves and ask the questions to our soul and not our head we often get a very different answer. Fi was no exception once I explained to her that all she had to do was give herself permission to let go and relax it was like watching the weight of the world lift off her shoulders.The best part about it was that once she allowed herself to do so I could see that her new work out fit was going to be a sun hat, bikini and a sarong. A very different lifestyle to the one she was currently living!

letting go is not giving up

So when you are next looking at a similar situation I encourage you to ask yourself seriously about what exactly your next step is going to be and be honest with yourself. If it just so happens that part of that decision is to wind back or let go of something please, allow or give yourself permission to do so. After-all if it makes your life better, then what are you waiting for?




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